The Sharknado Winner

A few weeks ago we asked you to share your favorite “disaster movie” for the chance to win a copy of Sharknado signed by “Beach Victim #1,” actor Ryan Budds.

More than 2,100 brave fans participated, and our lucky winner is: Shawn Samuels!

Here’s which disaster flick has stayed with Shawn over the years:

The original Piranha from the ’70s. I was a kid and it took me years before I would swim in lakes or rivers again. I still freak out whenever “something” bumps me in the water.
Piranha1 347x490 The Sharknado Winner

We’re getting the chills just thinking about man-eating fishies lurking in the deep!

Congratulations to Shawn, and thanks to everyone who entered.

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Didn’t win?

That’s OK! Just reserve a copy of Sharknado tonight.


Sharknado1 The Sharknado Winner


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