The House of Cards Winner

Last week we asked you to share your favorite movie or TV show about politics for the chance to win a House of Cards Season 1 DVD set.

And our lucky winner is: Kathy!

Here’s how she responded:

I’m showing my age, but I think the best is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Jimmy Stewart did a great job standing up against political corruption.

 The House of Cards Winner

Hey, there’s no such thing as showing your age when you’re talking about such a classic movie! Mr. Smith was a favorite among many participants, as it were. And for good reason.

Congratulations again to Kathy, and thanks to everyone who played.

Now, on a slightly less serious note than politics: have you entered our Sharknado giveaway yet?


Didn’t win? That’s OK.

Reserve episodes 1-6 of House of Cards on DVD tonight!
(The second half of the series is coming to Redbox on DVD next week on October 8).

HouseofCards 356x490 The House of Cards Winner

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