Update on The Host Giveaway

Last month we asked you to share your favorite movie about aliens for a chance to win a copy of The Host.

We were so excited when 3,765 people sent in comments . . . and then REALLY bummed when none of our winners ever responded to our emails. We went through all of our required rounds of alternate winners and STILL no one wrote back to us.

So please be sure if you enter any of our giveaways to 1) leave your real email address, 2) check it often, and 3) make sure you look at your spam or junk folders every few days, because unfortunately legitimate messages can end up there when someone who’s not already in your address book writes you.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Need your alien/human love story fix?

Reserve a copy of The Host tonight!

 saoirse ronan host Update on The Host Giveaway

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