Movie Review: 2 Guns

two guns 308x490 Movie Review: 2 GunsAll you really need to know about 2 Guns is that its poster to the left shows an actual scene from the movie. If you look at it and go, Oh, YEAH!, then this is the movie for you.

Who’s in it? Denzel Washington (Bobby Trench), Mark Wahlberg (Marcus Stigman), Paula Patton (Deb), James Marsden (Quince), Bill Paxton (Earl), Edward James Olmos (Papi Greco)

What’s it about? 2 Guns begins with Trench and Stigman planning to rob $3 million from a small-town bank. Why they’re doing this is revealed a bit later, but it’s safe to say that no one is what they seem in the latest from Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur (Contraband, which also starred Wahlberg). It’s one part crime thriller, one part action flick and one part buddy-cop comedy. Except that Trench and Stigman aren’t cops . . . and they’re not exactly buddies, either. But boy, can they banter!

All I can say without spoiling anything for you is that: 1) everyone is trying to kill everyone else, and 2) surprise, surprise, there are way more than two guns making an appearance.

What’s good? Though the aforementioned comedic banter is forced at times, the overall charm and A-list-ness of both Denzel and Wahlberg saves 2 Guns from what would’ve otherwise been your standard “What’s really going on here?” movie. Denzel plays Trench much like his too-cool-for-school pilot in Flight (only sober), and Wahlberg is pretty much going for the SNL spoof of himself—flirting with cute waitresses and constantly dropping one-liners (but stopping short of sending along greetings to anyone’s mother). If you typically like these two actors, odds are you’ll enjoy this movie. They sure seem to be having fun, at least!

The rest of the cast is solid as well, with Bill Paxton as an downright evil money-collector, Edward James Olmos as a Mexican drug lord, and Paula Patton as someone who may or may not be on Trench’s side . . . but is definitely in his bed. The script from Blake Masters (based on the comic book series of the same name) is twisty enough to keep you interested, most of the action scenes are tense and tight, and for once I wasn’t antsy by the end.

What could’ve been better? BUT… let’s talk about that ending. It is in-your-face ridiculous. However, you probably won’t care. It’s that kind of movie—not meant to be more than an entertaining way to spend a few hours with some of your favorite actors in the thick of the summer. It delivers laughs and suspense and thankfully not as much violence as I expected, though I could’ve done without a certain chicken scene.

The bottom line: 2 Guns is better than it should be thanks to its charismatic leads and the positive reputations that precede them. You won’t remember much about it in a few months, but if you’re looking for a good old-fashioned action movie, it’ll do just fine. Plus, NO superheroes!


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