It seems Redbox is getting stingy with NEW codes.

Some of this are from 2012 and are supposed to still work.

REDBOX (new customers only)
Text GAMEKIDS to 727272 for a free 1-day video game rental

Mobile Text Club Sign Up to Get a Monthly Free Movie Rental at Redbox NEW REDBOX CODES Update 2016

NEW! Text PUSH to 727272 you will get a code back redeemable for a free Redbox DVD that you can use at or through their mobile app. This code is valid two weeks from when you requested it. If you’re already a member of the text club, text STOP to 727272 and then try the code.

Text MOVIE, MOVIENIGHT, MOVIE TIME, or DEAL to 727272 and you’ll get back a unique code that you can use to get a free 1-night DVD rental. This code can also be used for $1.50 off a Blu-ray or game rental. You can use this free Redbox promo code at the kiosk, at, or through the Redbox mobile app. This code expires 1 week after you’ve received it. Expiration of the offer is unknown.


Text EMAIL to 727272 for a free 1-day DVD rental and reply back with your email address. The Redbox code will be sent to your email address and it expires two weeks after receiving.

Try these codes next, they’ll work for you at any Redbox kiosk as long as you haven’t used them before. Remember you can use one code per credit card!

These are oldies, that still might work.

DVDATWAG (good only at Walgreen’s locations)
WALGREENS (good only at Walgreen’s locations)
RDBOXHEB (good only at HEB locations
DVDATWEG (good only at Wegman’s locations)
DVDKROG (Good only at Kroger locations)
DRIVEIN (good only at Sonic locations)

tightwad NEW REDBOX CODES Update 2016
Most are now issued directly to the user for 1 time use.

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Logan Lucky

adbrite your ad here banner Logan Lucky

Almost heaven. That’s what John Denver sings about West Virginia in “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” That’s also a good way to describe Logan Lucky, director Steven Soderbergh’s blue collar caper comedy in which Denver’s classic song is memorably featured.  One critic called this a “redneck Ocean’s Eleven, which is

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Actors Get Real in Bio-Pics

adbrite your ad here banner Actors Get Real in Bio Pics

There is growing Oscar buzz for The Disaster Artist (now in theatres). James Franco stars as Timmy Wiseau, a real-life Hollywood character, who wrote and directed what has been called one of the best worst movies ever made, The Room. But Franco will likely have stiff competition from, among others,

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Winterize Your Movie-Watching Treats

The holiday season is upon us, which means full-blown winter will be here soon, too. In many parts of the country, it’s time to prepare for colder temperatures, chilly mornings and snow-filled evenings. For those of you in warmer areas, could you remember to send some sun our way over

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Celebrate Our 15th Birthday With These Deals!

Happy birthday to us! Redbox is turning 15 this week, and we’re giving YOU something to celebrate. That’s what teenagers are supposed to do — throw parties with their friends, right? No need to send any gifts or try to cram birthday cake into the Box. Instead, enjoy these ridiculous

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It Takes Two: 5 Dynamic Movie Duos

We’re talkin’ ‘bout chemistry; two actors who are great separately, but when you put them together onscreen, they’re dynamite. Think Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon movies, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour series, and Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in The Heat.  Now

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